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School-Work Transition

What is School-Work?

It is a part of the vocational rehabilitation program that focuses on students ages 15 and above while they are still in high school. ICBVI VR counselors work with the school district, parents and the student to develop a coordinated transition plan. 

What is a transition plan?

A transition plan looks at the current academic progress of the student, interests, vocational goals and the needs of the student to either enter into some post secondary training as required based on their work goal or direct employment upon completion of high school.  At ICBVI we like to work closely with the students, parents and the school to identify and address needs as early possible when appropriate to create the most opportunities for a successful transition.

ICBVI has two specific programs designed specifically for transitioning students:

SWEP- Summer Work Experience Program:

This program is a 6 to 8 week work experience in Boise.  The students live in supervised dorms and work in competitive jobs during the week.  Support on the job is available to students.  Students also benefit from the program through other activities arranged during the evenings and weekends.

The feedback from students and parents alike has been:  Wow, that is a great program!
Work skills development, confidence and self-esteem are typically big outcomes from the SWEP Program.  Talk to your local ICBVI VR Counselor to learn more or visit us on Facebook to view our video on ICBVI's Transition Program.

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College Days:

College Days is a new summer program for ICBVI that focuses on students who plan to attend some type of post secondary schooling.  It focuses on the unique issues that a blind or visually impaired transition student may encounter when preparing to attend a trade school, two year college or university.

Some areas that are addressed: